Is Your Special Education Child on the School to Prison Pipeline? 5 Things You Can Do About It!

I recently was contacted by a parent of a child with Autism from another state for some advocacy advice. The mother is educated, knowledgeable in advocacy skills and a passionate fighter for her child! She is extremely concerned that her school district is setting her child up to fail (due to his behavior), so that he can be removed from the school. I have seen many special educators escalate a child’s behavior, call the police, and have the child arrested. Thus goes the school to prison pipeline—and it can happen to your child.

According to a recent article, the Bureau of Justice Statistics survey state that experts attribute the high percentage of individuals with disabilities in the nation’s bloated prison population – which has grown 700 percent since 1970 – in part to deep problems in the education of children with disabilities. Here is another shocking statistic: Nationwide, at least 73 percent of youth with emotional disabilities who drop out of school are arrested within five years, according to a federal study.
What is a parent to do?

1. Learn about behavior in general and some of the causes: a. A child’s behavior could very well be related to their disability. b. All behavior is a form of communication. c. Children often have behavioral difficulty if they are frustrated. d. Keep in mind that there is a huge connection between academic difficulty and behavioral difficulty. In other words, many children who have behavioral difficulty at school also have difficulty with their academics. e. The reaction to a child’s behavior will either improve the behavior or make the behavior worse. This includes at school and also at home! Untrained special education staff can escalate the behavior (make it worse), rather than deescalate the behavior (make it better). f. The earlier the behavior is addressed, the easier it will be to change the behavior.

2. Ask special educators to look for the ABC’s of behavior and track the behavior for one week (writing down their results). A stands for antecedent (what is occurring in the classroom when the behavior occurs), B stands for behavior (specifically what the behavior is), and C stands for consequences (what happened due to the behavior-for example: your child screams and yells and gets to avoid school work).

3. Advocate for the best practices way to handle negative behavior (an appropriately developed functional behavioral assessment (FPA) which is used to develop a positive behavioral support /plans). Make sure the plan is “positive” because studies have shown that punishment only works in the short term to positively change behavior.

4. Educate yourself on federal and state special education laws related to discipline of children with disabilities. In my 25 years of advocacy I find many school districts overstate the laws to discipline children, with few parents questioning their ability to do so.

5. Ask for a daily behavior sheet (to be filled out and returned home daily) so that you can use positive reinforcement at home for good behavior. When educators fill the sheet out they need to write positive comments only. The daily behavior sheet can be used in a dispute with special educators (for example: they state on _________ day that your child did __________, and the sheet does not reflect that). The sheet can be developed by a teacher or the person conducting the FBA. Make sure all of the sheets are dated for future reference.

If your school district calls the police on your child and has them arrested, it is possible to receive assistance from judges for special education services. I have seen parents able to help their child receive needed services, if the criminal justice system becomes involved. If this happens to your child advocate proactively for needed special education services. In the end your child may end up receiving a free appropriate public education with the school district having to provide the services that a child needs! Good luck!

Financial Recovery – Solution No 5 – Home Based Business

How do we achieve the American Dream these days? With the present economic crisis many of us are seeking alternative solutions since the corporate ladder is too often “leaning against the wrong wall”. We are not only looking for the solution to our financial problems but also a way to take control over our lives.

We are often burdened with debt, worried about the future and basically just trying to get ahead. For many of us the solution is a Home Based Business.

There are many types of home businesses available. The key is to find one that you enjoy and are passionate about. From crafting, to bow making, to network marketing, home businesses offer attractive benefits part-time or full-time. A Home Based Business can offer benefits that far outweigh the benefits of a conventional job.

1. Spending more time with family
Self-employment allows you the opportunity to set your own schedule and work smarter instead of just long hours, giving you the opportunity to take back ownership of your most valuable assets…your time. Choosing your vacation time, attending the children’s special school events and working your own hours are just some of the benefits of owing your home business.

2. Becoming debt free
It is sad, but most of us spend more than we earn. Charging an average of $8,400 in credit card debt and paying upwards of 18% interest we find ourselves hopelessly in debt with no seemingly way out. A small side business earning an extra $200 – $300 a month can supplement the paycheck and relieve debt burdens.

3. Enjoy Tax Benefits
Congress recognizes small business owners as building a stable base for our national economy and has passed several tax laws rewarding such individuals. There are many tax benefits for the home business owner to take advantage of. Home office renovation, home office security, business travel, and education are just a few home office deductions that are available for the small business owner.

4. Having extra spending money
With supplemental income, and getting out of debt, the home business owner can enjoy having money to play with and enjoy immediate comforts that would otherwise be unavailable. Now buying that nice car, or going on that family vacation is in reach and spending extra money on the kids or family members is a joy. The freedom that having extra spending money offers, relieves stress and adds to life’s enjoyments.

5. Saving for Retirement
When financial stress is prevalent, saving for retirement is something in the future and often we are not prepared for it when it arrives. Maintaining the lifestyle we enjoy in our younger years is difficult to do if we are not prepared for the future. A home business can provide residual income that will not only allow us to maintain our lifestyle but also allow us to leave a legacy for our children and grand-children.

6. Being a stay at home mom
Two-income households are becoming necessary these days and there are more single parents carrying the financial burden of raising children. A home business allows moms to stay home with their children and still maintain financial security for their families.

If you are ready to leave the rat race and take control of your financial future, you just may want to join the millions of Americans who have decided to take control of their future by starting their own home-based business. My home-based business is fun, exciting and gives me so much pleasure. I wouldn’t think of working for anyone else. After all, I have a great boss! Me!

Home Based Business – Beating Off Recession and Securing Your Future

The world has slid into the depths of economic downturn. Many big and small companies have either laid their staff off or trimmed their salaries. All those who have taken housing or automobile loans are worried. They are in a terrible fix as they do not know how they are going to repay the loan amounts or by not being able to loose either their house or car. It is for this reason many people have either already started or are contemplating on starting their own home based business.Discover your talent:In order to effectively make it through the present economic crisis you may have to draw up a financial plan. You have to look for a back up plan which will take care of your decreasing income and job security. Find out ways to generate extra income. For this you will have to discover your hidden abilities and hone them to take on the economic instability. Each one of us has some special abilities or expertise that can be put to good use during adversities. You might have picked some experience, knowledge or skills at the job where you have worked. Now is the time to make use of those qualities to carry you over the difficult times. You can start your home based business on a freelance basis. Your decision-making abilities, administrative insight and supervisory talent and strengths will prove to be useful.  Honing your skills:Once you have discovered your hidden skills, you’ll need to perfect them. Get in touch with those who are already doing well in the field of home business. Do research on the Internet. Remember your home venture can prove to be profitable only if you recognize what it takes to make it happen. You don’t have to be overly eager to make a fast buck. You will need to constructively and gradually improve your knowledge and skills to be able to deliver the goods. Don’t believe in get-rich-quick schemes. You cannot become millionaire overnight with any home based business. Bidding farewell to your present job:In your quest to be self-sustaining and financially independent don’t say goodbye to your present job without making sure that your future is secure. You can continue to work from home without having to quit your existing job. You can also get the help of your spouse or other relatives to look after your enterprise while you are at your regular job. When you run your venture from home, it trains you to pick up some managerial skills that can be used at your ‘real’ job. You can prove to be an intangible asset to your organization. However, you will need to make a choice between your business and your job at some stage.Press home your advantage:To overcome the hard times, spot your talent and press home your advantage. Initially you can work freelance. Reach out to your potential customers and tell them about your product or service. There is no harm in going whole hog in accomplishing your dream but at the same time identify your strengths and acknowledge your limits. Your home based business can help you go from strength to strength only when you have a well thought-out business plan in place.

Home-Based Business Checklist – 3 Things You Need to Do

First off I would like to start off by congratulating you for following in the footsteps of those successful entrepreneurs before you who have started out with a home-based business. You are in the same boat as successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson. I think we all agree that this is pretty esteemed company.Now, you may not feel the need to be as successful as these guys with your business but you should still do all that you can to make sure that your home-based business is successful. This article contains three tips that you should check off before starting your own home-based business. If you don’t follow this advice your business will not be as successful as it could be. You need to make sure that you:Get your own workspace- Whilst it may be tempting to think that you can start your own business on the couch, this will simply not be the case. You need to make sure that you have your own workspace for your work from home business. At the very least you will need a desk with your computer and a filing cabinet. That way you can make sure to keep your work life and home life separate. When you sit down to work it will just be about work and other household chores will not distract you.Get your Internet and phone connection sorted- With a home-based business you need to make sure that you get your internet connection and phone connection sorted out. For most people that work from home, their Internet connection is their most important tool to keep their business running. From there you can get access to VoIP services like Skype to keep in touch with clients and associates throughout the world very cheaply.Get a business card- Even though you work from home you still need to make sure that you have an air of professionalism. On of the best ways to give your business that air of professionalism is to make sure that you have a business card. The reason that you need to do this is so that you will have something to hand out when you attend the networking functions that all business owners should attend. You need to have a business card to hand out to potential alliance partners.When you are starting your own home-based business there are some things that you need to tick off. Fulfilling the three points that I have mentioned above will position you well on the path to success.

Tips For Choosing a Home Based Business

Your email in box is likely full of internet home based business opportunities. While many people are having success with internet-based home businesses, many are also unsuccessful. If you are interested in starting any type of home based business, you need to carefully decide what type of home business you want to get into. So how do you choose the right home based business for your needs? By being methodical, realistic, objective and patient you can choose the right home based business for you.First, you want to take a personal inventory. Do an inventory of your skills, experience, interests and personality characteristics. These are the basic ingredients you have to work with and are important to your success with a home based business. Make a list of all the personal qualities and factors you can include. These qualities and factors should be what you are good at and things that can benefit your home based business no matter what choice you make.Second, consider your interests. There is a big difference between knowing about something and truly enjoying it. Remove anything from the list you created in step one if you don’t really like doing or anything doesn’t interest you. By enjoying what you are, doing you can have a better chance at success.Third, match with marketable activities. If you still have come up with a good home business idea after the first two steps then you should review the list and determine which have good marketable potential.Fourth, make a list of ideas that match step two. Once you are done you will have a list of possible business matches that bring together your skills and interests with a home based business that can utilize what you have to offer.Fifth, do your research. Once you have developed the ideal list in step, four then you can research which have good marketable potential. You should consider a business that can be done entirely from your home office. If you are going to have clients come to your home then make sure you home is properly prepared to receive clients.Lastly, develop a business plan. Once you have gone through the process of identify a home business that is right for you then you need to come up with a proper business plan. This plan should include your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Make sure you have clear goals for your business and the steps necessary to achieve results.

How Much Time Do You Need To Devote In To Your Home Based Business In Order To Be Successful?

One of the big questions people ask when looking to get started in the home business industry is “How much time do you need to devote to your home based business in order to be successful?” Part of the reason this question is so often asked is because the majority of people who are just getting started in this industry are currently still working a full time job.Just like anything else, the more you put into something the more you are going to get out or it. In this case, the more work you can put into your business, the faster you can start seeing results. However, you still can achieve fast results and great success with your home business even if you don’t have a lot of time to work on your business.The key to this is consistency. If you can devote at least 2 hours per day to your business and you stick to it, you can achieve success pretty quickly. Working for only two hours per day consistently is better then working 1 full day per week and then not working for the rest of the week.Now, if you can only devote 45 minutes to an hour per day, it’s still better to do that consistently then just one day per week. It may take longer to see results, but being consistent is key to a successful home based business.An old saying in the home based business industry is “Do something every day to help your business grow, no matter how big or how small.” It’s also important to remember that with a home based business, the more work you do in the beginning the less you are going to have to continue to do. Once your business is up and running, it becomes much more automated.When I first started I worked 5 hours per day on my business. 2 Hours in the morning before work, 3 when I got home. Once my business started to take of (which wasn’t log because I was consistent!), my work load dropped significantly. Don’t get me wrong, I still work, but now I only work 2 hours, maybe 3 per day on my business.Ideally you are going to need to devote at least 2 hours per day to build a successful home based business. But more importantly than that, your main focus should be on working smarter not harder. Whatever you can do, just stay consistent and do it. The results will come.

What Are the Best Home Based Business Opportunities?

So, you have decided to work from home, but you are overwhelmed by all the home based business opportunities available. How do you choose one? Take a good look at your interests, availability, and expectations to figure out which of the many home based business opportunities will work best for you.When you are considering various home based business opportunities, you want to find something that appeals to what you like to do. Think about your hobbies or activities, the ones you just love to do. Then look at all the home based business opportunities to find some that fit your interests. This way, you will be taking advantage of home based business opportunities that you will enjoy doing so you can avoid burn-out or stress.Also, before you choose one of the many home based business opportunities that fit your interests, you should evaluate your preparedness to handle the physical and emotional demand of running a home based business. Remember, you could start off by having to work longer hours to build your business or have to work around your family. Try to look for home based business opportunities that will fit your time management needs.If you still have a number of home based business opportunities to choose from, then you may also want to check into any specific skills or training required to be successful in those particular home based business opportunities. For instance, accounting offers a number of lucrative home based business opportunities, but you will need specific skills to be an accountant. However, if you love numbers, getting that extra training may be worth it for you to have that occupational freedom from the home based business opportunities that will open up.No matter the home based business opportunities, you may want to obtain a little more training in running a business. There are a number of resources available for you to learn how to run a business including keeping your books, organizing, and selling. If you feel you need to brush up on some of your computer or sales skills before you take advantage of the home based business opportunities available, then do so. You will find more confidence in building up your skills.Read the rest of the article here: Home Based Business Opportunities.Download the Home Based Business Manual (Free $97 Value!) and receive valuable tips, strategies and techniques designed to grow a very successful Home Based Business.

Winning Your Freedom in a Home Based Business

Who’s in charge of your life? Are you on the 40 x 40 plan – working 40 hours a week for 40 years to get a pension? If you want to change your outcome, develop a residual income and have a successful home based business, then please read on. Life is way to short in my opinion and we should maximize our day and give it our all for our family, friends and yes even our home based business. It doesn’t matter what we do in life as long as you are happy and satisfied at the end of yours, that you gave your all and made everyday count.

Financial success through network marketing by building a long term sustainable residual income is created by attracting people to your network that purchase products every month. It’s the glue that holds our business together. Remember, many people ordering a little each month can mean a nice residual income at the end of the month or in our case, at the end of each week. A solid long term residual income is created when we attract quality people to a solid home based business.

The foundation of any solid company will have a good track record of people succeeding regularly and will retain customers based on the product’s benefits and value. Poor programs can create a treadmill effect of recruit one/lose one which makes it very difficult to grow over the long term and develop a residual income. Poor programs cannot demonstrate solid growth over a long period of time in their main market making international expansion or new markets the only means of increasing sales. This eventually will stagnate as well and the treadmill must keep going to maintain sales and thus residual incomes.

A reasonable yearly growth rate in sales in the main market place is proof that the company is well run and that the products are popular with people. This helps ensure that if one were to apply them self and build a freedom residual income that it would remain and grow as well. Thus giving those individuals a viable and long term home based business.

In the 10 plus years I have been involved with network marketing it has been my observation that most companies cannot demonstrate a solid yearly growth rate which means that Newcomers are going to have a hard time maintaining and growing their home based business after the initial year or so. Most new programs that are well conceived peek around 3 years and level out in growth as well. Those that got involved in the beginning can experience great growth for a while but after the growth curve slows, newcomers stagnate and the treadmill begins, recruit one/lose one – thus the end result, your residual income goes down.

Part of the solution is to have a good coach that will share all the information and guide you through the process step by step and advise you what it really takes to win your freedom. Many experienced Networkers understand this concept and analyze all the new start-up companies with the hope of getting involved near the beginning and being part of the new companies momentum phase to building a large home based business and another residual income.

Companies come and go all the time so it becomes a gambling process and your residual income looks more like a roller coaster, but it does not have to be that way. Some compensation plans are weighted in favor of the knowledgeable veteran and their strong contact list of other experienced Networkers, so all in all, it can be a risky decision to invest your time in another home based business opportunity.

If a company requires more than a $200-$300.00 start up cost or a minimum monthly participation level over $75.00-$100.00 or so that a newcomer or less experienced person is best to ask a lot of questions and be absolutely sure before investing so much of their time and energy into the program. Some companies have a minimum requirement in order to receive compensation of $150-$200.00 per month that only forces people out the door as quickly as they come in. This may work in the original veteran’s favor as they get paid deep into their organization but Newcomers are the ones footing the bill.

You just need to ensure you are doing your due diligence before starting a home based business. For example, today I was sharing with a business partner some information about various tools that he could utilize to build his home business and develop a residual income because he’s knowledgeable with technology. While talking with him, I explained to him what it will truly take for him to be ultimately successful in our home based business. The more important question I asked him was, at what level was he willing to play the game? You see it’s the consistency over the long term that I am looking for in people and they need to understand this from the outset.

Winning your freedom in network marketing is not an easy thing to do but it can be next to impossible in a poorly run company or one that is not favorable to Newcomers. It pays to check them out on Google.

So then what? Well, find out what the people that have started from the same position as you have done to become successful in building a home based business and developing a residual income and do the same thing. It only makes sense really. Examine the Life Insurance or Real Estate business. A newcomer to either field is going to do the same things if they are going to be successful. It has long been proven what works consistently. Few will succeed in either field by reinventing the wheel.

Same applies to network marketing, find a good coach and follow their lead to building a residual income. Good leaders understand it pays to work one on one with the new person to get them up to speed with their new home based business and really help them be successful.

Attracting quality people to a quality program is simply a matter of developing relationships with people and earning their respect and showing them why you were attracted to the program. People buy who you are before they buy what you have. For many people initially there can be a lot to learn about how to earn people’s respect, especially if they were a stranger to begin with. It takes time to build respect and become friends. This is why we all begin by sharing our home based business program with those that we know as best we can.

The power of network marketing and building a lasting residual income is found in the team approach where more experienced people do the presenting of the business concept on your behalf, thus a newcomer can use the credibility of the more experienced veteran to solidify the presentation of the business.

In good home based business programs there is no danger of people we know losing money and there is little risk attached to trying it out. That’s because any good company will always have a full money back guarantee and if the new person or your friend evaluates the products etc., they can always get their money refunded. This protects our relationships and keeps everything about our home based business comfortable to share with anyone.

Learning all about the company, the opportunity, the products as well as the techniques and tools that are proven to share our home based business opportunity takes a fair amount of energy and time. Anyone who wishes to build a Freedom residual income should have clear and realistic goals, expectations and made the time commitment necessary to achieve success. True NWM is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme and like any other real success requires desire and commitment and the persistence needed to overcome the obstacles along the way.

The benefits of being self-employed and having the ability to work our own hours as well as the freedom to live anywhere we choose to is worth the investment of time and energy and the sacrifice that entails. I wish you much success on your path to creating a freedom residual income.

Have The Policies Of the Obama Administration Killed Our Small Business Growth Engine?

Perhaps you are a small business person, and you are like me; when you hear a politician tell us they are for us little guys, you just cringe. It appears to me after decades of watching their lips move that they could care less about us, and would rather continue to get their campaign war chests filled by their large corporate lobbyist piggy banks. Okay, let’s talk.

You see, there was an interesting article in Reuters on February 1, 2016 titled; “U.S. small business borrowing sank in 2015: PayNet,” by Ann Saphir. The article stated:

“What started as a full gallop in 2015 is barely trotting along now, said Bill Phelan, President of PayNet; “We are barely replacing worn-out assets here.” Small Company borrowing is a key barometer of growth because it is the little firms that tend to do much of the hiring that fuels economic growth. Lending slowed sharply to small businesses in mining and agriculture, as well as in wholesale trade, transportation and construction, the figures showed. Texas was particularly hard hit.”

So, what’s the Obama Administration’s answer to this vexing problem, oh something typical of the way they run things and adjust their economic data (like employment figures) just change the definition of “Small Business” for instance there was an article in Government Executive online news on January 29, 2016 titled; “SBA Finalizes New Business Size Standards,” written by Charles S. Clark which stated:

“The new size standards will enable nearly 1,650 more businesses in those industries to obtain or retain small company status; will give federal agencies a larger pool of smaller companies from which to choose for their procurement programs; and will make more small businesses eligible for SBA’s loan programs,” SBA said in a release.”

Okay but, smaller companies do not want to borrow money, why? They don’t trust the system, the future, the economy, this administration, or future regulations due to a socialist population base mindset and evil-one percent hatred motif, nor would I as a former franchisor. This new size standard change would include businesses over 150 employees and the “SBA estimates that more than 8,400 additional businesses will gain small business status under the adjusted size standards and become eligible for SBA’s financial and federal government procurement programs,” the agency said. “These changes can possibly lead to $150 million to $200 million in additional federal contracts and 80 additional loans, totaling about $30 million, to small businesses.”

Great news right, well not so fast. You see, these larger firms will get Federal Contracts that small businesses, real ones cannot get, meaning fewer mom and pop businesses getting money from the Federal Government in our ever increasing government-run economy, not free-market run economy. This is no solution, this is just stupidity worsening the real problem is search of political expediency. Please consider all this and think on it.

How To Succeed At Online Product Creation The Easy Way

Product creation could be a frightening subject for a lot of Internet marketers to face. Some folks who get in the game with the intention of making a full time income are completely ignorant as to how an online business operates. One of the most profitable ways to create online cash is by creating a product that others are happy to pay for.

Product creation is legitimate method of generating money through internet marketing but many entrepreneurs get it wrong. They start by imitating their Internet marketing gurus by creating information products on Internet marketing in hopes of getting rich the way their heroes did. The problem is that they usually don’t know what they are doing and enter a highly competitive niche with very little marketing experience or connections.

Here are a few tips for effective product creation that may help you get on the right track:
Start by finding a profitable niche with low to moderate competition. If you conduct some rudimentary market research and keyword research, you’ll find many opportunities in areas that will surprise you. Amazon and eBay are two great places to brainstorm for product ideas.

Developing Your Product does not have to be a difficult project. You can find experts in the right field for your niche and pay them to write the material while an artist designs the packaging and website or blog. You can outsource the entire product creation part of the project after you conduct the research and testing to ensure profitability.

Sales and marketing strategies should be created while developing the product and learning about the market. Some experienced marketers use pay per click to drive traffic to their offer page; some folks outsource the entire marketing campaign to affiliates through ClickBank or other affiliate programs.

Product creation does not need to be hard, particularly when the merchandise is electronic. E-books, videos, audio and multi-media products sell very well. They are distributed immediately to customers electronically. Once you have a good feel for a niche market, try to service your customers with associated products and upgrades. If you want to earn money online through product creation, you must understand supply and demand. The majority of new online marketers fail miserably because they go after highly competitive markets or forget to research their chosen niche properly. You have to create your products according to the needs, wants and desires of the prospective customers.